Decorative Concrete

Attractive and cost-effective, Decorative Concrete is created using a combination of textures, colors, and sealers.  From subtle effects to distinctive patterns, whether it’s a new project or a renovation, your options are virtually unlimited!



Whether stamped in a repeating pattern or applied with a trowel, roller, or sprayer, whatever texture you choose, the finished look will be uniquely yours!



The look of your decorative concrete project can be transformed by incorporating a stamped pattern like Tile, Travertine, Brick, European Fan or Random Stone.

Resin System

Resin Systems

Epoxy coatings, used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications, are durable, easilymaintained, and designed to last for years and still look great in high traffic applications.



Color adds a deep, complex dimension to decorative concrete projects. There are a variety of options for incorporating color into your project.



Concrete sealers can beautify, enhance, and protect your Decorative Concrete project.



Medallions create an eye-catching focal point.

Border Art

Border Art & Edge Liners

Border Art knows no boundaries. Edge Liners frame your design in texture.

Please note: Since each decorative concrete project is unique, your final outcome will vary based on a variety of physical and environmental influences. The images shown are inspirations created to show a range of design ideas. Ask your contractor to provide projects to view in your area that would reflect a more localized outcome of a specific finish.